NYCAVMA 2017 Icelandic Adventure


In July of 2017 a group of NYCAVMA members traveled to ICELAND to study with Are Thoresen and go to Elf School.


There were 26 openings for the elf school that included lodging at the school, AND there were nearby guest houses for those with family that wanted to come as companions but not participants. Elf school included 6 days - 2 with elves, 2 days of horse riding and 2 days of acupuncture lectures. Many of us decided to arrive on June 28th to expand our trip, and stayed at the Kex Hostel. We spent a day in the city and then spent a day to day and a half traveling to elf school, arriving on July 1st.


Below you'll find a slideshow of our adventures and a video composition of many more was an amazing, unforgettable experience!



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