2021 Conferences/Seminars






NYCAVMA  Annual Conference:

Our November 10-14, 2021 featured Advanced Acupuncture with Linda Boggie at Menla Mountain - the Tibet of the Catskills - in Phonecia, NY



The Channel of Acupuncture – exploring the road maps of development and sustenance for the individual. When learning TCM we are overwhelmed with the language and concepts of Chinese medical theory and philosophy. It is enough to try and grasp one system of channels – the Primary channels – and understand the effects that acupuncture can have throughout the body through these 12 channels. We may also learn about the Du Mai and the Ren Mai, but the rest….not so much. However, there are five other “channel” systems that were discussed in classical acupuncture texts. We explored these channels through lectures given by Linda Boggie, DVM, a student of Jeffrey Yuen. Through intellectual discussion and practical applications, we explore dthe channel systems which provide the road maps for the development and sustenance of an individual; physical and mental, human and animal. They provide understanding of how an individual may respond to challenges in life, be they internal or external; in other words, the progression of disease and possible pathways to resolve pathology. Understanding the different channel systems is an invitation to explore one’s self, and as we gained a greater understanding of self we developed a greater awareness in using acupuncture as a therapeutic healing modality.
























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