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Our Alaskan Adventure - August 4th - 10th 2022

The NYCAVMA traveled to Alaska to hear Are Thoresen, DVM lecture on Anthroposophic medicine in relation to translocation of disease, visit with Kathleen Hildebrand Meckel, and more. Cindy Lankenau had this to say about the experience:


"We truly had a fantastic time in Alaska. The day prior to the start, Marge had a massive shopping adventure to buy food for all of us staying at Twin Bears Campground, which is located Chena Hot Springs Road, about 35 miles east of Fairbanks. We were extremely well fed. She did a fantastic job with the help of one of Jeanne's clients, DeeDee. Jeanne Olson was an amazing host, and organized rides and places for people to stay before and after the EcoTour. She also organized amazing extra events. We were treated to a potluck dinner, hosted by her clients, and music from a local singer. We even had a special appearance of Raven. We painted a tote bag, visited the muskox and reindeer, toured a mushers kennel, had a bird walk, got to meet Allie (three-time second place Iditarod finisher) and got to meet canine Iditarod champions. We spent our first afternoon at the hot springs and toured the geothermal facility. It was amazing.


The weather was nice when we were out on adventures and a bit rainy when inside for lectures. Are Thoresen presentation was the best ever. He gave us homework and exercises on how to fade in to take the pulse and he really presented the 90-degree method very clearly, and we can use this method using herbs or acupuncture points. Our Inuite herbalist was so nice. We had a brief talk on Native food insecurity, an issue we were all unaware of. She led us on an herb walk around our little lake and then we gathered high bush cranberries. The next day we made jelly, made a willow bark salve with Kathleen Hildebrand Meckel, and our herbalist taught us how to bead.


A large group of us went to Denali after the Eco-Tour finished. The weather was perfect, and we had two clear days to see the Big Man Denali. We hiked, some white water rafted, and Linda had the Ranger perfect curious bear encounter. Golden eagles, ground squirrels, picas, Dall sheep, Grizzly bears, caribou, moose, red squirrels, caterpillars, grey jays, chickadees. Tons of berries, and lots of plants still flowering such as aconite, fireweed, avens, goldenrod, buttercups, anemone, gentian, and more!"


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Twin Bears Campground & Jeanne Olson


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Views of Denali/from Denali National Park



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