"I shall desire thee, whoever thou art, that intendest the noble (though too much abused) study of physic, to mind heedfully these following rules; which being well understood, shew thee the Key of Galen and Hippocrates their method of physic"


- Nicholas Culpeper




Become a of the Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medical Association for only $50 per year!


Who can join?

Any individual who is a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine may become a member of the NYCAVMA by submitting an application for membership to the Association at any time.


What is the term of my membership?

Membership is for a term of one year.  Your membership shall commence upon receipt of your payment and you will be notified of commencement.


How much will my membership cost?

Dues are $50 annually are are payable by check or credit card - detailed  payment instructions are located on the membership form.


What benefits will I receive?

Each member of the NYCAVMA will receive a comprehensive listing on our website, which may be modified each year when membership is renewed.  We now have a members only forum where you can post questions, share information, and much more.  CLICK HERE to visit the NYCAVMA Forum...registration is required.  We plan to offer many more benefits as we grow!


How do I apply for membership?

To apply for membership, please complete one of the forms below.


We look forward to working with you to create a great database for those who wish to access doctors and certified people who practice complementary and alternative veterinary care.


NYCAVMA Membership Enrollment Form


Apply for membership in the New York Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medical Association... listing on the New York CAVMA website is included!


Please click on the link for the type of form you wish to use below and mail a check of $45 (annual dues, payable to NY CAVMA), to:


Cindy Lankenau

9002 Sunset Drive,

Colden, NY 14033


Your information will be posted on our website within 2 weeks after receiving your (cleared) payment.  Thank you for your support!


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