Resources For Pet Owners & Veterinarians


One of the main goals of the New York Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medical Association is to provide pet owners with a simple way to find veterinarians who use complementary and alternative methods in their practice and for veterinarians to find other practitioners who use Complementary & Alternative modalities.


Below, please find  links to resources about complementary and alternative care for pet(s).


Cured Cases - submit your cases here and share your knowledge!


Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association


American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy


The American Society of Pharmacognosy


Henriette’s Herbal Homepage


Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases


The American Botanical Council


Agri Dynamics (Jerry Brunetti)


Clover Jack Nutritional Consulting (Dan Giacomini)


Treating Mastitis Without Antibiotics


Wormwise (New Zealand parasite page)


Aloe Vera Studies Organization


Rainforest Nutritionals, Inc


National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative


Professional Health Products


Drug Information Online


Breastfeeding and Drugs


GRAS substances and limitations


Health Canada - Veterinary Natural Health Products


BELLE - Biological effects of low level exposures


The Rodale Institute


The Organic Center


Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service


Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance


Sustainable Agriculture and Research


International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements


Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada


Union of Concerned Scientists – antimicrobials in agriculture


Postural Rehabilitation




Below, please find  links to resources about general/traditional care for your pet(s).


Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners, courtesy of Expertise.


A Complete Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Home, courtesy of LA Homes.


Protecting Pets from Aesbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma.




If you'd like to submit a resource for the NYCAVMA to post, please email it to Dr. Lankenau for consideration.






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