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NYCAVMA Annual Spring Conference:


The 2017 NYCAVMA Annual Conference took place March 30th - April 2nd at the Menla Mountain Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY 12464. We spent four incredibly informational days in the beautiful Catskill mountains: one day on autoimmune conditions, one on acupuncture, one on herbal medicine, and another on stone medicine. Click HERE to purchase Jim's lecture notes.



Jim began his formal study of acupuncture and herbal medicine at California Acupuncture College, Los Angeles in 1982. Three years later, he completed preliminary requirements for licensure by attending a four-month advanced internship in Nanjing, PRC. In early 1985, he received a license to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine in the State of California, and also became certified as an acupuncturist nationally. He first became an instructor of Acupuncture and TCM in 1984 at California Acupuncture College. Since 1984, he has taught regularly at several Los Angeles Acupuncture colleges. He has instructed students in virtually all areas of TCM, including Acupuncture Theory and Technique, Internal Medicine and Herbal Medicine. In addition, he has worked with student interns as a Clinic Director and as a Clinic Supervisor over the years. He has also had the fortunate experience of lecturing in numerous Acupuncture training courses for the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. He is the author of numerous journal articles, course notes, and six published text books on Chinese Medicine.  He currently is practicing in Switzerland and teaching at a TCM school. Jim's lecture covered autoimmune conditions, focusing on useful clinical approaches with emphasis on Chinese herbal and acupuncture treatment strategies and specific treatment examples.




Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen comes from two Daoist lineages – 88th generation of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity Yellow Emperor Lao Zi School) and 26th generation of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai (Complete Reality Dragon Gate School).  His Daoist name for each tradition is respectively Yuan Xu and Song De. He trained under his adopted grandfather, the late Daoist Master Yu Wen (1872-1981) of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai, a sect from the Shang Qing tradition of Daoism that developed during the later Han Dynasty (3rd Cent. CE).  Master Yu Wen trained in Mt. Hua and learned all the facets of Daoism, including the classics; rites and liturgies; healing arts; and divination.  He later traveled extensively throughout China and served as the lineage holder of the Daoist martial arts system know as Wu Xing Quan/Five Element Fist - an internal and monastic style of Hua Shan.  Having a strong resonance with Daoist teachings ever since childhood, Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen studied extensively under Master Yu Wen and was allowed to openly practice and serve the community when he was 16 years old.


Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen also studied Chinese herbal medicine with Master Gong Song-Liu, a eunuch for the last two emperors of the Qing Dynasty who apprenticed with the imperial medical physicians.  As a friend of Master Yu Wen, Gong was persuaded to teach Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, imparting his deep knowledge of Chinese medicine over a period of 8 years.  At the age of 100, Master Gong felt deeply satisfied with his transmission to Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen and left for China. Dr. Yuen currently believes that he can contribute to the practice of Chinese medicine in this country by spreading the traditions of Classical Chinese Medicine.  In that regards, he continues to teach extensively throughout the United States and abroad.  Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen served as former Dean for Academic Affairs for the Swedish Institute's School of Acupuncture and Oriental Studies (NY), also, Dr Yuen serves as Dean of Classical Studies at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts at Ashville, NC.  His teachings have served as the basis of a state-approved doctoral program offered by the American University of Complementary Medicine (AUCM) in Los Angeles, CA. Jeffery's lectures covered acupuncture, herbal medicine, and stone medicine.




The local Native American peoples, including the Esopus and Mahicans, regarded this valley and region, with its enormous first-growth hemlock trees, as especially sacred, a place of the spirits. They never settled here and only used the valley for ceremonial purposes.





Icelandic Adventure, July 2017:


We went to ICELAND to study with Are Thoresen and go to Elf School.


We had 26 openings for the elf school and lodging at the school, AND there were nearby guest houses for those with family that wanted to come as companions but not participants. Elf school included 6 days - 2 with elves, 2 days of horse riding and 2 days of acupuncture lectures. Many of us are arriving on June 28th, and stayed at the Kex Hostel. We spent a day in the city and then spent a day to day and a half traveling to elf school, arriving on July 1st.


Please CLICK HERE to see photos and a slideshow video of our experience.




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